MTS High Temp LCF Solutions
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High-temperature, Low-cycle Fatigue Testing Solutions

Test engineers worldwide rely on MTS solutions to meet high-temperature, low-cycle fatigue (LCF) test requirements for metal, ceramic and composite materials specimens. Conducting cyclic strain controlled tests in the elastic-plastic region at elevated temperatures requires extremely stable and precise test system control. MTS fulfills this critical requirement with a complete offering of advanced LCF testing solutions, comprising high-performance MTS hardware, software, accessories and global support.

MTS Landmark® Test Systems
This flexible servohydraulic test system family features highly stiff load frame designs to minimize specimen buckling under high compressive strains. Superior system alignment minimizes bending strain to maximize accuracy and reduce data scatter.

Advanced LCF Software Module
The Advanced LCF Module for MTS TestSuite™ Software includes the calculations, test templates and report templates needed to run constant-amplitude, strain-controlled fatigue tests that comply with current ASTM standards. The module is also designed to calculate and correct for thermal expansion during non-ambient testing, and includes a custom waveform activity for efficiently defining arbitrary waveforms, including user-defined hold times. Other features include:

• Predefined test templates for meeting ASTM E606 and D3479 strain-
  controlled LCF test standards
• Calculations that can be viewed and modified, if necessary
• Ability to command external temperature controllers
• Ability to transition smoothly to high-frequency, load-controlled fatigue
  testing by accelerating tests that are primarily elastic

High-quality Test Accessories
The MTS Advanced LCF offering features a complete selection of extensometers, grips, heating systems to meet high-temperature fatigue testing requirements.

• Model 632.50 High-temperature Axial Extensometer, air-cooled

• Model 680 High-temperature Grips for threaded or button-head
• Model 647.10 Hydraulic Wedge Grips with water-cooled wedge
• Model 646.10 Hydraulic Collet Grips with water-cooled base

Heating Systems
• Model 653.03, 3-zone High-temperature Furnace for use with
  Model 680 “hot” grips
• Model 653.01 or Model 653.02 High-temperature Furnace for use with
  Model 646 and 647 water-cooled grips
• Induction heating systems

Unrivaled MTS Service & Support
MTS augments its advanced LCF solutions with a global offering of services, including system integration, calibration, alignment, routine maintenance, and training.

Learn more today about how MTS can provide the tightly integrated hardware, software and support required to meet your high-temperature LCF testing needs.

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