MTS Exceed

MTS Exceed

Affordable MTS Exceed™ Test Systems Maximize Testing Value

MTS Systems Corporation has a strong reputation for providing advanced testing solutions for complex testing challenges, particularly in research and development applications. To extend the advantages of MTS test technology beyond sophisticated R&D use, MTS now introduces the MTS Exceed Test Systems to the global market. These monotonic testing systems address the specific needs and applications found in industrial QA/QC environments. They can test a wide variety of specimens: from raw materials to formed materials and from components to finished products.

MTS Exceed product portfolio includes electromechanical systems for low- to medium-force testing, static-hydraulic systems up to 2000kN force capacity as well as impact testing systems. All systems are CE-certified and are compliant with global standards for health, safety and environmental concerns.

According to MTS Monotonic Market Manager, Wei Cao, users of MTS Exceed systems will benefit from MTS advanced control technology, proven mechanical loading system, easy-to-use software and a large pool of accessories. By applying value engineering practices, MTS has been able to include many features and controls typically found on higher-end model load frames. MTS Exceed systems are able to address the needs of day-to-day testing operations while delivering exceptional value in their class.

“MTS Exceed systems focus on what users care about most: measuring capabilities, reliability and ease of use,” Cao said. “First and foremost, the test system is a measuring instrument. Users demand uncompromised measuring competency to ensure testing credibility. MTS incorporates the advanced control features often seen in the high-end machines, and uses high-quality drive system components that assure the system’s reliability. With the visual and guided test setup features found in the newly-released MTS TestSuite™ Essential Software, less experienced test operators can run the system with ease, which will certainly appeal to many manufacturing quality control professionals.”

To learn more about how MTS Exceed Universal Test Systems can benefit your test program, please contact MTS today.



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