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Optimized Product Performance and Efficiency

Highly precise and durable MTS position sensors enable a diverse range of industrial and mobile hydraulics manufacturers to automate an even wider variety of machine functions. Because MTS sensors incorporate exclusive magnetostrictive technology (Temposonics®), they are capable of facilitating the highest levels of manufacturing speed, safety and efficiency.

As an organization, MTS Sensors delivers value through a combination of superior technology products, experienced professionals with unrivaled application expertise, and worldwide service and consultation. Together, these capabilities give MTS the ability to help customers optimize design decisions. MTS sensors enable machine builders around the world to improve the performance and efficiency of their machines — which reduces total cost of ownership for their customers. MTS maintains its technological lead in position sensing through continuous investment in our core technology Research and Development groups, which are strategically located close to our largest markets in the US and Europe. These investments enable a continuing flow of new products that have improved performance, often at improved manufacturing cost points, all of which opens up new application opportunities in our markets.

The breadth of customers served by MTS Sensors is considerable. Industrial applications that rely on our sensors include the production of steel, plastics, rubber and wood, as well as fluid power, gas and hydro-turbine manufacturing, and the exploration and production of fossil fuels. Mobile hydraulics customers include manufacturers of construction, agricultural, mining and material handling equipment.  As we have grown, our Engineers have helped customers expand the use of our technology into new markets and applications such as Medical Devices. Today, our customers are the leading manufacturers of products in their industries, are inherently global, and they utilize our technology to continue to make their machines more competitive in a dynamic worldwide marketplace.