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Is Your Universal Test Machine HD-Ready?
See how MTS TestSuite™ software will benefit you
Improve the efficiency and accuracy of biomedical testing in heated fluids
  V13 - GEN - Lead Feature
The improved MTS Insight® controller operates at an industry-leading 1,000 Hz data-acquisition rate, helping material test labs derive “high-definition,” high-fidelity data in a fraction of the time.
Is Your Universal Test Machine HD-Ready?
MTS EM product manager Vogel Grote discusses a powerful means for material test labs to keep pace with tightening schedules and shrinking budgets: the improved MTS Insight® digital controller, capable of achieving up to a 1,000 Hz data acquisition rate20 times faster than any other EM controller on the market.

Consider it HD for your universal test machine. The improved MTS Insight controller captures 20 times more data points than typical EM controllers to populate a curve, yielding more highly detailed and statistically relevant test data in far fewer test cycles.

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  V13 - ALL - Material Feature  
See how MTS TestSuite™ software will benefit you
It’s your next must-have MTS solution for optimizing your test program. MTS TestSuite™ Software delivers a powerful new family of modular software, all built on a common platform and run from an incredibly easy-to-use interface.

If you haven’t yet explored how this software can benefit your material or component testing, you can do so now by visiting the MTS TestSuite microsite. There you’ll find in-depth information on the software’s many features and capabilities, along with a brief video demo of the software, the opportunity to download brochures, and more.

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  V13 - GEN - Product Feature  
Improve the efficiency and accuracy of biomedical testing in heated fluids
The new Bionix® EnviroBath provides a versatile, value-priced means for efficiently and accurately testing medical device and biomaterial specimens in heated fluids.

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